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treating cat colds

Your cat can pick up a cold just like you can. Unfortunately, the colds that cats suffer from are more serious than what you will probably experience. What can you do to make your cat more comfortable when he or she has a cold? Are there any treatments that will stop the cold from spreading to the other cats in your home? When do you need to take your cat to the vet for a cold? This blog will help you find the answers to the questions that you have about your cat's cold so that you can treat him or her effectively.

3 Tips For Teaching Your Labrador Puppy Not To Bite

19 March 2019
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Around the time puppies are ready to leave their mother and come to a new home, they're also starting to teethe. For this reason, it's pretty common for new puppy owners to discover that their small furry friend bites. And while this is common across all dog breeds, Labrador puppies are particularly prone to biting. However, this phase doesn't have to become a full-blown character flaw. Take a look at some tips that can help you train your puppy not to bite. Read More …

What To Look For In A Vet For Your Epileptic Pet

11 May 2016
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Epilepsy in pets is actually fairly common, being seen far more in dogs than in cats, and affects animals with sudden bouts of seizures just as the disease does in humans. Having a pet who suffers from epilepsy can be a frightening thing. While the condition can be largely controlled by medications, there are times when your pet may have an epileptic episode, and you want to make sure you have access to quality veterinary care. Read More …

4 Ideas To Keep Your Puppy From Being Lonely By Boarding Them At A Kennel

4 April 2016
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If you're going to be away from home for vacation or a business trip, you need to make sure that you make arrangements for your puppy. While you can always have a pet sitter come visit your home a few times during the day, your puppy may feel lonely and may even suffer from separation anxiety, leading to lasting effects throughout their life. A much better alternative if you cannot afford to have a pet sitter stay at your home day and night is kennel services. Read More …

Hire A Cat-Sitter Or Use A Boarding Kennel?

15 March 2016
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If you're planning to be out of town or away from home for several days, it's important that your feline friend has someone reliable to take care of them while you're away. Cats are much more independent than dogs, but that doesn't mean they do not need constant care and attention. Before you call the local boarding kennel, consider the pros and cons of this as well as opting to have someone you know check in on your cat. Read More …

The Pros And Cons Of Adding Water To Your Dog’s Dry Dog Food

4 February 2016
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When it comes to choosing just the right food for your beloved pet, it can sometimes be complicated. Many pet owners choose to give their pet dry dog food over wet, however, then they wonder if they should add water to the dry dog food. Either way, you go there are going to be pros and cons, read on below for a few of them. Pro: Easier to Chew Read More …